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A TOWN WHERE WE LIVE วันแห่งฝันคืนแห่ง

A TOWN WHERE WE LIVE วันแห่งฝันคืนแห่ง

Forty years ago, there was only a handful of villages in Thailand that have access to the electricity. Countless people had to live their lives in the dark after the sun was gone and there was no convenient facilities that would help them with their daily lives nor their day jobs, especially for those living in the far end of Thailand. Even though they were surrounded by magnificent sceneries but not having electricity was the key factor that held them back from improving their quality of life as well as their community. Therefore, the arrival of PEA was indeed the big turn-around for them. It was held as one of the most memorable moments, as much for the local villagers as the ones who first brought electricity into the village. Based on this fact, we are bringing this amazing true story to life in the form of an animation, “A Town Where We Live,” a heartwarming story that captures the sweet memories between Parkppom and Kanya. It starts in the year that PEA begins to expand the electricity into the rural area of Thailand and has forever changed their little village that they lived in. Tropical Film and Co Creative Director : Tanakit Kitsanayunyong Executive Producer : Wanwisa Noppawong Na Ayuthaya Post Producer : Somluck Kitana Production Coordinator : Nalumol Srianan Animation Production : Igloo Director : Nat Yoswatananont Head of Production : Anon Rungruengbangchan Production Producer : Thakorn Khamplub
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